Monday, June 18, 2012

My Crazy Roses

 A few weeks ago I glanced out of my launry room window and saw my rose bush............ going crazy!

I hadn't noticed it for a while, had actually completely forgotten about it and neglected to trim it this year. It must have liked the freedom I allowed it! It had so many buds on it I couldn't even count them! I am NOT good with roses! Last year it had only a handful of blossoms and the whole plant had "bugs". So as soon as I saw the abundance of buds I sprayed the whole thing with some organic bug killer stuff and ...Wow! Its beautiful! I don't even know what kind of rose bush it is! Any one have an idea, let me know!
I am really enjoying just keeps blooming! And no bug problem so far.

These last 2 pictures were taken more than a week after the first 2. Most of the buds are open now. But there are still more coming! The color seemed odd on my camera that day, like it couldn't quite handle the real color?? They appear to be kind of neon pink and they aren't. Just a lovely bright pink (hot pink). Not sure why my camera did that...something to do with the lighting...or my settings??
I wish this rose bush was somewhere I could see it more! Behind my garage and visible only from the laundry room window is such a waste. That's why I HAD to take some pictures! Enjoy!